Derek John Binsted’s Subaru

Derek John Binsted’s Subaru

Being in the motor industry as my job is a motor racing journalist, I see a lot of products that are supposed to do certain things to cars such as keep them clean or make them shine, but I can guarantee that all Supagard products do exactly what they are supposed to do.
Depending on the time I have to clean my car, I like to give it a wash with pH Neutral Shampoo which you can actually feel cleaning the car, then wipe it off to make it shine. I then clean the wheels with alloy cleaner and finally give the tyres some tyre dressing and the car looks like new.

My other way of cleaning the car is by using the Aqua Free waterless wash which you just spray onto the car panel by panel and remove leaving a glossy clean shine.
I am also very particular to use a good quality microfibre cloth and Supagard ones are up to the task, as they not only take off the products, they don’t damage the paintwork in any way.

What I do then like, is seeing the car not only when it is clean and looking like new, but when it has rain on which just forms huge globules of water on the car (which you wont see on cars unless they have a lot of protection on) …. and then when I drive off, all the water just beads together and disperses off of the car.

If you want the best, then look no further than Supagard products to keep your pride and joy looking as good as you can and people will actually ask you how your car looks so good.

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