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Kills more than 99% of germs and bacteria

Sanitisation Solutions Animation

Have a look at our short animation explaining what a Supagard Sanitisation can do for you. Making your car a safe, clean environment for you and all the family.

Sanitisation made simple.

Ozone Generator Demonstration

Our Technical Director has created this short demonstration video to show you how effective the Supagard Sanitisation machine really is! You really need to see it to believe it!

Keeping you safe.

Every day vehicle interiors hold millions of particles and pathogen agents carried by the air, people and animals. Fabric and seats absorb the bad smells, while stitching and child seats attract bacteria and allergens.

Studies have shown that the average vehicle has 283 different types of bacteria every square centimetre, 356 different types of bacteria on the gear stick and 850 different types of bacteria in the boot. The average steering wheel is 4 times dirtier than a public toilet seat.

Our machine creates a state of cleanliness in your vehicle significantly greater than traditional methods by killing more than 99% of germs and bacteria present in the cabin and air-conditioning system.

Taking it to the next level.

Supagard’s NEW lightweight ozone generator is the perfect partner for your dealership. This British built machine uses no chemicals and after treatment leaves no residues.

A key feature of this machine is it’s fully functional remote application that can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet to allow control over the machine from a distance. The app allows you to start, stop and select the ideal cycle for your situation.

The unit uses a two stage operating cycle that creates ozone and then removes it, allowing quick reoccupation of treated areas.

The machine is programmed with four alternative timed programmes during which ozone is created before automatically cutting off to allow reoccupation of treated spaces.

How it works.

The Sanitisation System creates Ozone which is a colourless gas composed of trivalent Oxygen (O3) that is found in nature. It’s in the atmosphere for irradiation of the solar ultraviolet rays, or through the electrical charges produced during storms. It is present in the mountains in greater concentrations and that’s what gives us a freshness and pure air perception. Ozone is a natural gas with a very high oxidant power, with the peculiarity of dissolving without leaving traces or chemical residuals.

It’s high oxidant power and its natural tendency to convert back to Oxygen (O2), make it a gas with high properties of use in many applications for the treatment of air and water.

The Sanitisation System, when applied to your vehicle cleans your interior to ‘medical grade’ levels. This means, not only is your car clean but it’s cleaner than clean! Our system cleanses your interior from any bug, viruses and smells that are present, making your car a cleaner safer place for you and all the family.

Our solution is the most effective.

Our new sanitiser produces just over 4 grams per hour of ozone with programme one we can fully sanitise a car within 15 minutes.

The process allows a high concentration of ozone to be present within a very short period of time which will eradicate bacteria and viruses quickly.

Our machines are fitted with an ozone destruct cycle with a catalytic filter which aids the acceleration of the treatment.

The benefits

  Reduces problems of allergies.

  Eliminates odours in the cabin & air-conditioning system.

  Reduces problems of allergies.

  It improves the quality of air in the car’s interior.





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